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Learn About BRAC

What is BRAC?

"BRAC" is an acronym which stands for base realignment and closure. It is the process that the Department of Defense (DoD) has previously used to reorganize its installation infrastructure to more efficiently and effectively support its forces, increase operational readiness and facilitate new ways of doing business.

The 2005 BRAC initiative has resulted in the move of thousands of DoD jobs and support positions to Redstone Arsenal and the surrounding area. Since the approval of the initial BRAC decision in 2005, almost 2,000 of the estimated 4,700 Army and other federal agency jobs moving to Redstone have arrived. The balance of positions are expected to arrive late 2010 through mid-2011.

In addition, the BRAC positions relocating to Redstone Arsenal are expected to generate more than 5,000 other defense and aerospace jobs and more than 9,000 indirect jobs in the service and support sectors.

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