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Giles County, TN

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Giles County Property Tax Information

The Giles County property tax rate is $3.07 per $100 assessment.
It is divided as follows:

General Fund 26.0586
Highway Fund 13.0293
School Fund 45.9284
Debt Service 9.1205
Ambulance Service 5.8632

Taxes are due and payable between October 1st and February 28th. Taxes become delinquent after February 28th and beginning March 1st, penalties and interest of 1% per month accrue.

More information about County departments can be found at www.rackleyhost.com/GilesCounty/ .

City of Pulaski

The City Administrator's Office collects property taxes on property located INSIDE the Pulaski corporate limits. City taxes are due and payable on the first Monday in November and taxpayers have until June 30th to pay without penalty.

The City of Pulaski property tax rate is $0.62 per $100 assessment.

All property owners in the City are required to pay both city and county taxes. County taxes are billed and collected by the Trustee in the Giles County Courthouse and city taxes are billed and collected by the City Administrator in the Pulaski Municipal Building.

More information about the City of Pulaski can be found at www.pulaski-tn.com/ .

Pulaski-Giles County has a sales tax rate of 9.75%. Seven percent of this amount is state mandated and the remaining 2.75% is the local option sales tax.

More information about property tax can be found at: www.tn.gov/comptroller/pa/

The State of Tennessee does not have an income tax.